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Science Week - 25.04.22
Today we had a visit from a real scientist Dr Lucas (also known as Chloe’s Mummy!) Dr Lucas talked to us about her job as a scientist and the work that she does to develop new medicines. We loved seeing models of real molecules and asking Dr Lucas lots of questions to find out more. 
Reception Class enjoyed their first World Book Day (WBD) in school. We started the day with some WBD activities including bookmark makings, writing about our favourite stories, listening to each others favourite story and drawing a character from a book. Following our activities, we went on a trip to Culcheth Library. We listened to some stories and went for a very exciting character hunt! We finished the day with a whole school World Book Day Assembly and even had a game of The Masked Reader!
Reception have been learning about the Arctic this term and how animals that live there keep warm in the cold weather. Today, we carried our a blubber experiment to see how the blubber on the Arctic animals helps to keep them warm in the Arctic conditions.
Reception Class went on their first school trip to the Methodist Church. We met with Reverend Katherine and Janette who told us all about the church. We also heard the story of The Nativity and recreated the story with knitted characters. We also had our own special Christening Service for the class baby Heidi. We had a mummy, daddy and lots of Godparents at our baptism!  
As part of learning in Understanding The World, we have been exploring shadows. After listening to the story of 'Smoot The Rebellious Shadow' by Michelle Cuevas the children made their own shadow puppets. They then took them into The Dark Den with torches to try to make their own shadows. 
The children are making great progress in their writing and writing labels has been a learning focus this half term. Below are some examples of independent writing from the past week in Reception Class.
The theme of Pirates has come up again and again in the children's play, so we have enhanced the sand area to follow their interests.
To help us with our learning about People Who Help Us in our community, we had a special visit from PCSO Darren and PC Panda. 
This week has been all about 'Challenges'! Challenges, linked to our next steps in learning, have been introduced into areas of our classroom. We have had so much fun developing our skills and tackling each of the challenges. Have a look at the gallery below to see a snapshot of our learning. 
This week, we have started our Phase 2 phonics sessions and have learnt the phonemes and graphemes for the letters s a t p. On Friday, we started to learn to blend these sounds. See some of our learning in action in the gallery below.
Our First Full Week! 17.09.21
What a week it's been! The children have been amazing and are getting used to their classroom and the routines and expectations. We have put together our Rights Respecting Charter and the children were so thoughtful when suggesting ways that we can stay safe and happy in our classroom. The children's suggestions will be displayed next week and these will be referred to each and every day. 
'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas is one of our focus texts this half term and we use the ideas of the different colours to help the children develop emotional literacy. We have had so many super discussions about how and why the children have felt the different colours. We now have an interactive display in the classroom that the children can use to share their feelings throughout the day. 
We have had our first two PE lessons in the hall. In REAL PE we are working on one legged static balance  through a Bike Adventure theme and in REAL Gym the children have started learning the movement skills of tuck, star and straight shapes through our At Home theme. The children imagined they were putting different clothes into the washing machine as they rehearse the different shapes. 
It has been a great week and the children have worked so hard. I hope they have a good rest this weekend, ready for another fun packed week of learning! Mrs Durr and Miss Nunnerley 
Our First Week - 10.09.21
This week, our focus has been on getting to know the classroom, routines and each other. The children have settled well and their confidence has grown throughout the week. Following the children's interests has been the starting point for much of the learning but we have also had a daily phonics session focusing on rhymes and rhyming words. Hickory, Dickory, Dock and Rhyming Soup have been firm favourites. Many of the children have enjoyed learning in the mud kitchen and the sand and water areas. Making the right consistency of sand and water to build sand models has been the focus in the sand area and exploring the flow of water, and the sloppy mixture, has created much excitement and optimum engagement. Colour mixing has resulted in some super artwork, which is now proudly displayed on our Every Child An Artist board. Take a look at the gallery below to see the learning in action.