After School Clubs - Sept 2019-20 for Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6

Extra-Curricular Activities (After-school Clubs)

A number of after-school club activities are organised for the children by the teaching staff.  Learning the recorder is an option in Year 3; Choir and Orchestra are available to Years 4, 5 and 6, however the other clubs are only available to children in Years 5 and 6.  The activities do vary from time to time but we currently offer the following:


Football                                   Recorders (Y3 only)                  Film Club

Running                                   Choir (Y4, Y5, Y6)                    Art

Orchestra (Y4, Y5, Y6)              Handicraft                               Minecraft Club


These are run in seven-week blocks in the autumn and spring terms, although the choir, the orchestra, netball, football and running clubs continue in the summer term.   At times, outside agencies will use the school premises to offer the children extra-curricular activities.  In the past, activities on offer have included drama, fencing, archery and judo.

The list of clubs offered to children in Year Three, Four, Five and Six for 2019-20 are below



Member/s of staff






Film Club




Miss McGann

Miss Browne

Mrs Ellis

Miss McGann

Mrs Kelly 

Mrs Nightingale

Mr Wood    


Monday 3.20 - 4.00

Tuesday 3.20 - 4.00

Wednesday 3.20 - 4.00

Thursday 3.20 - 4.00

Thursday 3.20 - 4.00

Friday 3.20 - 4.00

Friday 3.20 - 4.00