Breakfast Club/After School Club Tel: 07909461439

Contact Mob no – 07909461439 (please note new number from 14.8.20)

Breakfast Club

We run a Breakfast Club in school which operates from 7:45am until 8:55am. It is currently organised by Mrs Nichola Pullen; Mrs Louise Worthington, Mrs Linda Haigh, Miss Jess Nunnerley, Mrs Christine Scholes and Mis Becky Taylor assist her. Further information is available from the school office.

FEES – please note fee changes from Sept 2021

Forty eight places available daily:

Arrival from 7:45am with breakfast - £5.00 daily

Arrival after 8:15am WITHOUT breakfast £4.00 daily

NB. Breakfast will not be served to children arriving after 8:15am

Ad hoc sessions are chargeable at £5.50 per session and are subject to availability


A registration form must be completed for each child who attends ‘The TG Breakfast Club’ - available to download below. Parents/carers will be asked to sign their child into the club on arrival in the morning.

At the start of the school day children will be escorted to their respective classrooms by a member of staff. Drop off at the club is from 7.45 am.


Please keep the club updated with any change of personal details. For two or more children, please complete a form for each child.


After-School Club

The After-School Club cater primarily for children in Reception class and Key Stage 1. 

FEES – please note fee changes from Sept 2021

Fees are chargeable at £9:00 per session, with up to forty-eight places available daily.

Ad hoc sessions will be charged at £10.00 and are subject to availability.

Tea will not be served before 4pm


It is organised by Ms Sandra Taylor and she is assisted by Miss Becky Taylor, Miss Jess Nunnerley, Mrs Louise Worthington, Mrs Gill Garner Mrs Nichola Pullen and Mrs Christine Scholes. It operates from 3:15pm until 5:45pm.

The parents of children in other year groups can use the club on an ad hoc basis at a cost of £10.00 per full session with up to forty-eight places available most days.

Children must be collected from the club before 5:45pm. After 5:45pm, late collections will result in a fine of £12 per fifteen minutes, per child, with effect from Monday 4th February 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: £12 is the minimum fine and this amount falls due immediately at 17:45 if your child is still in the building. The fine will increase by a further £12 at 18:00 and again for each subsequent fifteen minutes.


A registration form must be completed for each child who attends ‘The TG After School Club’ - again available to download below


Other Help

There are also local organisations willing to help parents who have problems collecting their children immediately after school. Please contact Warrington Children’s Information Service (Sure Start) helpline on 443131 or log on to for more information.