Choir & Orchestra

Summer Concert


This year's annual Summer Concert will be taking place in the school hall at 6:30pm on Tuesday 17th July. We follow the same format each year in that parents are invited to bring along their own liquid refreshments and nibbles. Glasses and squash will be provided by school.


Members of the Choir, the School Orchestra and Year 3 and Year 4/5 Recorder Groups will be taking part; I do hope that your child is able to attend.


Those children playing instruments should arrive at school (in the Breakfast Club Room) at 6:10 pm.  Members of the Choir can come a little later at 6:20pm.  The children in Choir and Orchestra are expected to wear white shirts (school ties will be provided) and girls may wear summer dresses.  The concert is expected to last about one hour.


Please download the letter and permission slip below if needed.