Easter Revision 2019

For the three weeks after the Easter holidays, we will continue to practise timings of SATs assessments, SAT focused questions and booster groups, in order to help the children to feel fully prepared to take on these tests. We would thoroughly appreciate your support at home with further revision and homework during the Easter holidays. The children have worked so hard in class – it would be a shame to lose this over the Easter break.


The children have been given three booklets called ’10-4-10’.  We suggest that they spend 10 minutes a day for 10 days on Mathematics/ Reading/ GPS revision.  They get the weekends off! Every day there is a short extract to read with questions alongside, some maths problems and some GPS revision questions.  The children should write their answers on the sheets, but may need some paper for extra working out.


In order to help you support them, I have uploaded the answer booklet onto the school website (see below) to save photocopying. In this you will find the answers and, in some cases, some hints so that you can mark each of the sheets when your child has completed them.