Chelsea - Raising money for Children's Cancer Wards

Chelsea is raising money for toys, play mats and sensory equipment for children’s hospital cancer wards throughout the UK and donating the money to a Just Giving page created by her mother's friend who has a 22 month old son that was diagnosed with Leukaemia in May.
Due to Dillan’s health and Coronavirus, Dillan and his mum had to stay in one room at Great Ormond Street Hospital for 6 weeks with no visitors or outdoor time. His mum realised how little the hospital had in way of entertainment for sick children such as toys, TVs, etc. She also realised that there was only one Sensory Trolley to share between the wards and how important the little time children get to play with the Sensory Trolley is. 
When Chelsea found out about Dillan’s condition she was very upset, as she couldn’t believe how poorly a little boy could be, that was the same age as her own little brother and she asked what she could do to raise money to help. 
Along with her older brother, they came up with idea to bake dog treats. She bought the ingredients with her own pocket money, Her brother designed and printed the posters and they got to work baking them. Chelsea packaged them all beautifully and set out her stall, with the aim of raising as much as possible.
(After telling her Grandma all about what she was doing, her grandma offered to make homemade face coverings for Chelsea to sell too) 
Chelsea sat on her stall for 3 hours on the Saturday and 3 hours on the Sunday. She was so polite and well mannered to everyone who came and explained beautifully who and what she was raising money for. 
With the money Chelsea raised, Dilly’s Toy Factory (set up by Dillan’s family) bought 5 ride-along cars for children to use around their ward or on their way to theatre. 
Well done Chelsea - you should be very proud of yourself!
For more information, please go to or to donate.
Thank you.