Our Cress Experiment

We have been learning about what plants need to be able to grow. We have done an experiment with cress. There were four scenarios we used to see if the cress would grow. We made predictions about what might happen. We were also wondering if any of the seeds would grow without soil! As you can see both tubs without water did not grow at all. We were surprised to find number three did actually grow in the cupboard but were not expecting the leaves to be yellow or the stems to be so long! This must be because they have been searching for light. Tub one grew correctly (green leaves). 
On to experiment two - all four tubs now have light and water. 
Some of us think tub 3 will die.
Some of us think tub 3 will stay the same.
Some of us think tub 3 will turn green. 
What do you think will happen to each tub now?