School Council

School Council

Our School Council below have given an explanation of their roles for information.

 In the words of two members of the School Council...

"School Council is made up of two or three pupils from each class who get together every week to discuss ideas and try o make the school a better place. In Year 6, two extra  pupils join the school council and Year 6 nominate the Chair - the person who runs the meeting.


Chair: Person who runs the meeting.

Secretary: Person who writes down all the minutes in the Minutes Book.

Treasurer: Person who looks at the prices of equipment  and decides if they are appropriate .

Vice chair: The person who stands in for the Chair if the Chair is absent.

Class Council

Each class has a Class Council meeting every week. In this, the class tries to come up with ideas to make the school better. You have a leader/ chair of the class council and a scribe,who writes down the ideas. These are then taken to the School Council meetings."