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It has been decided that in order for families of high school children to coordinate and manage their time and childcare arrangements, the option to take the Easter break for those families can happen from 6.4.20 until 20.4.20. Ultimately, it's up to you how you manage your holiday.

There are some lovely Easter activities attached at the bottom of the page for you all to enjoy and also a Spring themed maths activity booklet for when you're back to learning.

Year Three online learning information

The MOST important part of this home learning is for you (adults and children) to keep mentally healthy and physically safe. Please have that as your focus. The rest (below) is for when you can manage it. 

NB - Clicking on the blue links will take you to the relevant websites. 


  • Bug Club - One book per day. Read it carefully and don't rush - I'll be keeping an eye on your answers! You will need your username and password. 
  • Weekly activities on Purple Mash You will need your username and password. For weekly reading, comprehension and writing activities click on 'Weekly Activities', then click on '7-9 year olds', then click on the week you want (week 2 is week beginning 30th March), then click the day you want to work on and away you go!
  • Reading Journals - Pick one every couple of days (or more if you want) and do it the best you can - don't rush it. 
  • White Rose Maths - Please see the letter below explaining how to access a daily maths tutorial and worksheet. You can now access the Power Maths textbook & practice book which we use in school via the same link. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on 'Power Maths Year 3' and the practice book is available in the 'Resources' tab. You may wish to use this alongside White Rose to provide extra practise if required. The 'challenge' questions are usually fairly demanding!
  • MyMaths - games and lessons or practise homeworks. You will need your username and password. 
  • Numeracy Workout - This is something that we haven't used before, but you may prefer it for maths activities so have a go if you fancy. Same as MyMaths; focus on the areas you need to. I will email the username and password.
  • TTRockstars - Practise your tables guys! I'll be following your progress. You will need your username and password.
Body and mind/being creative
  • GoNoodle - GoNoodle is a lovely website that focuses on mindfulness by engaging children in physical activities with dances and songs. You will need to set up an account, but this is free - there is a letter to parents to help with this at the foot on the page.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - Themed yoga sessions the children may enjoy. I loved the Pokemon session!
  • PE with The Body Coach - I'm sure you've all heard of him! Mr Wicks will be taking over on the PE front everyday or whenever you need him. He's doing sessions at 9am Monday-Friday, so that would be a good start to the day.
  • Art/drawing - Art for Kids Hub shows children how to draw (especially their favourite characters). You'll be amazed how quickly they pick up good drawing techniques with these videos. Cartooning Club is another lovely drawing tutorial channel. Crafty Carol makes all sorts, so if you're going to stockpile, make sure it's with plenty of glue and lots of craft supplies!
  • Anyone like Lego? There is a 30-Day Lego Challenge attached at the foot of the page. If you do any challenges, take a photo and send some to me!
  • Mental Health Toolkit - This toolkit provides links to a range of resources for children and adults in different situations.
  • The Red Cross - Focusing on kindness with a free kindness calendar and lots of resources linked to humanitarianism and PSHE.
Please remember that learning time includes time to be creative with art or a D&T project to build a butterfly house for example. It also includes time for discussion about what's going on in the world. At school we use a weekly resource called Picture News. I will attach a Picture News resource here every week (next week's is attached) for you to talk through with your children should you wish. Attached below is a prompt sheet that will help the children to write down their thoughts or ideas.
Please also see a document below which explains grammar terminology. Use this to help children with any grammar tasks set on Purple Mash.

Please email me at for any password reminders or resets. Keep safe everyone x


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