PTFA Lottery


Join our Twiss Green PTFA Lottery and you could win a cash prize.

It’s simple!  You buy a number for £1 and each number costs £1.  The Lottery will run from October for 10 months and you will keep the same number for that time.  You can buy as many numbers between 1 and 100 as you like and as many of your friends and family can enter but must be over 16.  Unfortunately, you preferred number can’t be guaranteed but a number will be allocated and if more than 100 people wish to take part then we will increase the range.

On the last Friday of each month a draw will be made and a cash prize equivalent of 50% of the funds collected for that month will be paid out to the winning number holder.  The remaining 50% goes to the PTFA funds to improve facilities and experiences for the pupils.  Obviously the more people who choose to take part, the higher the winnings each month will be.

Ticket Holders

Monthly Cash Prize

Total Funds Raised per 6months











All you need to do is complete the form at the bottom of the letter and return it to the PTFA basket with a cheque made payable to Twiss Green PTFA or cash for the full 10 months membership - £10 per number by Friday 12th October 2018.

Thank you for your support, it is really appreciated.

Joanne Wilkinson

PTFA Chair