Rugby Cup Winners

A letter from one of our parents about the recent success of our Rugby team...
Dear Miss McGann

By now I know you will have heard the brilliant news that the rugby team are Warrington School Champions. They were absolutely brilliant, played like a real team and smiled the whole time.

Why I'm really writing to you, is to say how proud I was to be a parent at Twiss Green school. Lee Westwood, who helps organise the tournament, got our children and parents together with Mr Ross at the end of the final to say that the behaviour and manners of our children were the best he had ever seen. He had refereed our team for the whole tournament and said that the children were a  real credit to the school. He also asked us to let the Headteacher and the school know how brilliant the kids had been.

Winning the tournament was a great achievement, but to hear what Lee said at the end, made me feel very proud and I just had to let you know. Well done.

Kind regards

Kathy Dahou
This just sums up what amazing children we have at Twiss Green. We should all be very proud of them!