School Closure Information

23rd October 2019

Dear Parents,

Today a member of staff suffered a very serious allergic reaction and had to be sent home. She is alright now, but we feel that we have no choice other than to close the building tomorrow.  The health and safety of the pupils and staff has to be our priority.

Year Five and Six will continue their week, as planned, at Culcheth CP. The only change to them will be that they will not be allowed into Twiss Green for any reason in the morning before walking to Culcheth, including using the toilets. This means they must have everything they will need with them. At the end of the day, they will all need to be collected at 3:20 pm on the Key Stage Two playground. 

Unfortunately, this will also mean we are unable to operate Breakfast and After-School Club, and Film Night on Thursday will have to be postponed. We are very mindful of the impact this has on families and hope that you will be able to support one another where necessary, to ensure that the children are all safe and cared for tomorrow and possibly the next 3 days. 

I have been in touch with the Local Authority and they have, at long last, arranged for the air quality to be tested tomorrow. As soon as I have any further information I will be in touch.

I am so sorry about this, and I appreciate all the positive messages you have sent us all.  Twiss Green parents are absolutely fantastic - and that's official!

Kind regards,

Lesley McGann