Our children live in an ever-changing world, where advances in science happen every day. At Twiss Green, we feel that science is fundamental to exploring, understanding and influencing the world in which we all live. Through our enquiry-based curriculum, school trips, exciting science lessons, exploring our beautiful grounds and by hearing from real-life scientists and engineers, we aim to provoke our children's curiosity and encourage them to start thinking like scientists. By building their 'science capital', we want all of our children to see and believe that science is for them.
Science Visits and Exciting Experiences... COMING SOON 
Please keep your eyes peeled for our Science trips and experiences starting with Y6's Chemistry with Cabbage workshop.
Head over to our Facebook page to see pictures of where we have been and some of the fantastic science work we have been doing.
Twiss Green's Science Knowledge Progression and Working Scientifically document (download below) shows the topic coverage, previous learning, science misconceptions, knowledge, vocabulary and Working Scientifically areas studied for each year group across all three terms.
Feel free to have a look at what we're doing right now.
Information for Families
Here are some websites that you can look at with the children to reinforce their learning and explore science further.