Our children live in an ever-changing world, where advances in science happen every day. At Twiss Green, we feel that science is fundamental to exploring, understanding and influencing the world in which we all live. Through our enquiry-based curriculum, school trips, exciting science lessons, exploring our beautiful grounds and by hearing from real-life scientists and engineers, we aim to provoke our children's curiosity and encourage them to start thinking like scientists. By building their 'science capital', we want all of our children to see and believe that science is for them.
Science Visits and Exciting Experiences so far - 2022-2023
Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the Planetarium - a huge black dome inside which various space images are projected. They absolutely loved this and said they learned lots about the astroid belts, how to identify where water would have been on a planet and Fra Mauro formation. Impressive stuff!
Reception Class visited 'Imagine That' in Liverpool, where they enjoyed and fun-packed interactive science experience through imaginative play and experimenting.
Year 3 spent the day at Eureka to explore many different scientific concepts from the digestive system in the human body to electric cars! 
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Science Week!
Whilst we await Science Week 2023, have a look at what we got up to during Science Week 2022!
We kicked off Science Week with a visit from Hands-On Science. We enjoyed workshops that covered different areas of our curriculum: EYFS and KS1 learned all about camouflage and adaptation, Year 3 explored light, Year 4 created instruments whilst focusing on sound, Year 5 visited the Cosmos, looking at all things Space and Year 6 enjoyed an electricity workshop - the lights still worked afterwards, so all was well!
As the week went on, we were also extremely lucky and excited to be able to welcome some of our wonderful parents in to talk to us about their science and engineering jobs. Mr Beck, who is an Aerospace Engineering Director, talked to us about the history, present and future of flight engineering - cue flying taxis! Mrs Lucas came and spoke to Reception about chemistry and medicines. Mrs Saunders visited Years 3 & 5 with her magic cream and UV light to show them just how grubby they are and why it is so important to wash hands thoroughly. Mrs Saunders also spoke to them about her very interesting work making baby milk formula. Then, on Friday, Mr Irons came in to talk to Year 6 about chemical engineering.
What a week! A huge thank you to our amazing parents for giving up their time when they are so busy. It is so important that our children see these people who do such important work in the flesh, so that they can aspire to be scientists or engineers if they wish. 
Here's what some of our children said about Science Week and their learning:
Reception Class
"Chloe's mum told us medicine will make us better." Hamish
"And how they make it. There's lots of atoms in it to make you better." Jacob
"We can see the bugs with magnifying glasses in the tub in the minibeast area." Benjamin
Year One 
"We learned about seeds and plantys and bulbs. Plants need water, soil, roots." Tommy
"We couldn't see the frog on the tree because it was camouflaged, so poredators can't eat it." Max
Year Two
"I liked talking about the flying taxis. The force that pulls it up is called 'lift'." Alex
"The butterfly closed itself up so it looked like a leaf to hide from predators."  Theo
"I was surprised when the moth was on the tree because it blends in so well. It looked like an owl." Charlotte
"Octopuses camouflage well to protect themselves from predators." Isaac
"...all the cells squish together and pour out ink to blend in with the background." Charlotte
"The butterfly camouflaged itself into a dead leaf." Larissa
"Wool is absorbent and balloons are made out of rubber which keeps the water out." Frankie
Year Three
"We basically learned about light. We had a block and a mirror and the light can reflect off the mirror. We also had a paper straw and a circular shape with different colours and when we span it it all became white." Luna
"We washed our hands with soap and Luna's mum used a UV light to see if germs were still there. Some were still there but mine were all gone." Elliott
Year Four
"We made instruments. The elastic bands vibrated and made a noise. It depends how much pressure you put on the bands to increase the volume. The pitch changhed when you moved the straws side to side." Lewis
"The aerospace engineer came in and told us how planes are designed and made and about the 4 forces. I thought it was really interesting that different parts of the planes are made in different countries. I want to be an aerospace engineer when I'm older." Mia
Year Five
"I enjoyed the workshop about space. I got the message that there needs to be more engineers." Adam
"I enjoyed learning that if you turned a light on on the moon, we would only see it years later!" Eva
"There's a red star called Beetlejuice and the light released from it, which we see now, could have died up to 400 years ago when Shakespeare was writing his plays!" Adam
"Yes, that star was part of Orion's Nebula." Eva
Year Six
 "I liked the circuits Hands-On Science gave us to build. I learned you can't put too many batteries in a circuit at once or it can harm you." Charlie
"Mr irons was talking to us about drainage systems and I thought this was interesting. I learned about the toxicity of nuclear sludge." Liz
"I was really excited to know that we;re going to have flying taxis! I also learned that you can't go anywhere near nuclear sludge!" Isabelle
"Really enjoyed learning about the aircraft and how they were designed and how bendy the wings are becauseI really didn't think plane wings were that flexible!" Oliver M
"I liked when Sennan's dad told us that different airoplane parts are made in different countries and about the maths they need to do to build a plane."  Amelie

Have a look though some of the pictures below of our Science Week.

 Have a look at some fantastic science work we have been doing at Twiss Green - such fun!
Twiss Green's Science Knowledge Progression and Working Scientifically document (download below) shows the topic coverage, previous learning, science misconceptions, knowledge, vocabulary and Working Scientifically areas studied for each year group across all three terms.
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Information for Families
Here are some websites that you can look at with the children to reinforce their learning and explore science further.