Our children live in an ever-changing world, where advances in science happen every day. At Twiss Green, we feel that science is fundamental to exploring, understanding and influencing the world in which we all live. 
At Twiss Green we aim to:
  •  provide purposeful activities and creative approaches to develop essential scientific skills and knowledge.

  •  promote an attitude of learning centred on enquiry and engagement.

  •  aid children's cognitive development and thinking skills.

  •  deepen understanding of how to keep healthy and respect the environment.

  •  help the children to know more, remember more and understand more about Science.

Have a look at some fantastic science work we have been doing at Twiss Green - such fun!
Year group knowledge organisers:
Using these fantastic knowledge organisers will mean that you can provide support for your children while promoting independent working and learning in science.
Information for parents:
At Twiss Green, our teaching centres around encouraging children to explore concepts and develop the necessary skills in science to promote resilience in finding solutions and recording learning. Investigations and an active curriculum are designed to capture enthusiasm and support knowledge acquisition. 
We welcome parental support to secure key science knowledge and skills in our pupils. Click on the links below for some great resources you can use at home.