Our children need you!

We all know that the workload of those that work in schools can very much take over their lives. When this gets too much, the stress and anxieties can adversely affect your family life and your work. For ourselves, our families and also the children that we work with, it is essential that we take care of our own and each other's mental health and well-being.  Here are some ways in which we can do this.
Complete well-being questionnaires when they come in - it's important that the SLT and governing body know what's going on for us.
Use the Staff Well-Being and Shout-Out board - If someone goes out of their way to support you in some way, give them a shout-out. Feeling valued and being recognised is so important for all of us and it also develops relationships and promotes team-building - stuff we know is vital!
Speak up! If you feel comfortable, tell someone you trust how you are feeling, or if something has happened and you may not be on your 'A Game', let them or the SLT know. As well as offloading, which feels good anyway, it helps us know to watch out for each other. This support is invaluable and could be anything from lending a listening ear and offering to cover break duties to making a cuppa if you can't get out of the classroom. 
Below are some websites and apps that may be helpful.
My Happy Mind also has a staff well-being programme