School Dinners, Free School Meals & Morning Break Snack Information

Morning Snack (KS2 pupils only)

KS2 children can pay to have toast and/or milk every morning - payable in advance on ParentPay at the start of each week.

The cost is 

  • 30p per day for milk - £1.50 per week 
  • 25p per day for toast - £1.25 per week 
  • £2.50 per week for both toast and milk (package deal
Lunchtime Arrangements
All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal; however, children may go home for lunch or bring a packed lunch if preferred. Children in Key Stage 2 have the same lunchtime choices; however, they pay for school dinners. We use ParentPay which is an online payment service for schools and parents. It is perfectly acceptable to change to or from school dinners during the term, but please be sure to give notice of any changes. The cost of school meals for 2022-23 is £2.40 per day.
* Please note that due to issues with suppliers, choices may sometimes be subject to change. Thank you.
To contact the kitchen, please email: twissgreenkitchen@warrington.gov.uk
Thank you


Week One:

31st Oct, 21st Nov, 12th Dec, 9th Jan, 30th Jan, 20th Feb, 13th Mar, 3rd Apr, 24 Apr, 15th May, 5th Jun, 26th Jun, 17th July

Week Two:

7th Nov, 28th Nov, 19th Dec, 16th Jan, 6th Feb, 27th Feb, 20th Mar, 10th Apr, 1st May, 22nd May, 12th Jun, 3rd July, 24th July

Week Three:

14th Nov, 5th Dec, 2nd Jan, 23rd Jan, 13th Feb, 6th Mar, 27th Mar, 17th Apr, 8th May, 29th May, 19th Jun, 10th July

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