School Improvement Priorities

Our Overarching Strategic Objectives for 2022/23 are:


Strategic Objective 1  - ensure that the teaching and assessment of writing across school allows children to make good progress, highlights gaps in learning and supports catch up.

  • Objective to be an ongoing priority across the year. Data drops in December, March and July used to assess impact alongside internal monitoring.


Strategic Objective 2 - review and develop the intent, implementation and impact of our SEND provision and ensure that what we provide for children with SEND is meaningful, personalised and inclusive.

  • Objective to be a priority across the year, with focus in the autumn term being on ensuring that effective systems are in place to support our SEN provision and that the leadership of SEND is managed effectively in the absence of the SENCO.

  • Spring and summer term priorities will focus on embedding the good practice established in autumn and assessing its impact.

Strategic Objective 3 - continue to ensure that robust systems are in place for assessment and tracking progress across the curriculum.

  • Objective ongoing throughout the year, with the focus for autumn term being on establishing Insight as a tracking system and strengthening the assessment of the foundation subjects. Priorities for the spring and summer term will focus on the moderation and impact of assessment.


 Strategic Objective 4 – develop strong working relationships between all stakeholders, based on trust, openness and honesty resulting in a nurturing, positive culture conducive to the wellbeing of all individuals.