Welcome to our PTFA

Committee Members

Newly Elected Chair – Joanne Wilkinson (Y1)

Newly Elected Vice Chair – Peter Mills (Y1)

Newly Elected Secretary – Adam Smith (Y1)

Newly Elected Treasurer - Kate Bale (Y1)


Hi, my name is Joanne Wilkinson and as Chair, my role is to coordinate events and liaise with teachers, parents, committee members and teams of volunteers to ensure that planned events go ahead successfully.


Hi, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Peter Mills and I am Vice Chair. I’m here to work with and support Jo and the other members of the PTFA, so that we have some additional monies to buy those wonderful “little extras” for the children to help give them the best education we can.


We are looking forward to working with everyone to raise funds and help make special memories for the children at these fantastic events!


It takes the effort of everyone for these events to continue. Whether you can help on the day, send donations, give ideas or assist in the back ground, it’s all invaluable help so please get involved.


Jo and Peter

Chair and Vice chair


Email: twissgreenptfa1@gmail.com