Welcome to Twiss Green School!   We hope that your association with us will be a long and happy one.  The children and adults who work here feel that it is a very special place.  We have tried to encapsulate in words what it is that makes it so special.


‘a learning community where everyone matters and everyone cares’


About Twiss Green
We are very proud of our school, the children and the staff. It is a special place where the children are happy and feel safe and valued. We strive for an environment where the children enjoy learning, celebrate their achievements and are encouraged to take pride in themselves and all that they do. Fostering a strong partnership with families is a key foundation to our approach, and we encourage parents' support of their children's learning and to sharing their successes.
We build and maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all; safeguarding underpins everything we do at Twiss Green. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals, who can express their views clearly and thoughtfully, and who are happy and confident. We encourage our children to be caring and responsible young citizens both in school and within the wider community.
At Twiss Green we are focused on achieving the best learning outcomes for every pupil.  Our pupils consistently achieve high standards in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science but we also pride ourselves in offering a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. Strong teaching and learning are at the heart of our approach, and we monitor performance closely. All of our children access effective, quality-first teaching in the classroom to ensure strong progress regardless of their starting points or additional needs. We pride ourselves on early identification of children who require extra support to achieve their full potential, whether this be age related expectations or greater depth, and implement effective intervention strategies and targeted classroom teaching where required. 
The Twiss Green curriculum is key to our approach in equipping our children with the skills and confidence for their future lives. The syllabus helps our children acquire and remember knowledge of the key academic areas but also promoted spiritual, social, moral, cultural, personal and physical development, along with actively promoting family values, self-esteem and awareness of the needs of others. We believe it is important that our teaching provides:
  • PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as this underpins every aspect of life at Twiss Green
  • Understanding of care for the environment and to encourage the children to be active in their protection of it
  • Sporting experiences
  • Involvement in planning and running community events
  • Citizenship, including Equality and Diversity
  • Opportunities for the Arts
Our curriculum supports academic progress but also helps our children to be independent, resilient and empathetic and to understand their position within a world context. 
The principles of Equality and Diversity run through the heart of our school. We teach the children to recognise and accept difference, and to express their views with kindness and consideration for the feelings of others. We teach that we are all equal and we all belong' there are no outsiders in our school.
We set high standards for behaviour to help create the best learning environment. We encourage and except a willingness to learn and excellent attendance, and as a school we work hard to engage with busy parents to ensure their support.
Engaging the pupils in their learning is key to the approach at Twiss Green, and we encourage the children to be involved in evaluating their own learning. It is important that the children are given the opportunity to shape their own ideas and influence how the school operates, and we provide opportunities for children to lead and have a voice through Class and School Councils, Eco School and Rights Respecting School Ambassadors. 
Above all, we want our children to enjoy a rich primary experience and to leave Twiss Green with rewarding memories and a knowledge that will help them to develop an understanding of the world and their place in it.