Twiss Green Accessibility Plan 2020-2023

Twiss Green Community Primary School Accessibility Plan 2020-2023
Purpose of the plan 

Please see below for the attached Accessibility Plan 2020-2023.

This plan shows how Twiss Green Community Primary School intends, over time, to increase the accessibility of our school for disabled pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors. Twiss Green Community Primary School is committed to providing an environment that enables full curriculum access that values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. 

At Twiss Green Community Primary School, we believe that every child should have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and inclusive curriculum. This should take account of their individual strengths and needs and should allow each child to fulfil their potential. Improving teaching and learning, lies at the heart of the school’s work. Through self–review and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), we aim to enhance staff knowledge, skills and understanding to promote excellent teaching and learning for all children. We aim to meet every child’s needs within mixed ability, inclusive classes. It is a core value of the school that all children are enabled to participate fully in the broader life of the school. Consequently, all children have always been able to attend age relevant after school clubs, leisure and cultural activities and educational visits. To this end, we have drawn up our own Accessibility Plan.