PTFA Events - Information, Posters, Booking forms, etc.

Allocated Year Groups to Events throughout the Year 2018-19

Below is a list of events and the Parents' year groups responsible for them, for your information.

PARENTS OF YEAR                         EVENT

Reception                                       Jim Jam Jog

 Y1                                                  Summer Ball

 Y2                                                  Summer Fair

 Y3                                                  Ladies Night

 Y4                                                  Fireworks Display

 Y5                                                  Christmas Fair    

 Y6                                                  Y6 Leavers' Party 

Information about forthcoming PTFA events is displayed below. 
Fireworks Display Friday 2nd November 2018 Sarah Milsom From 6.30pm
Christmas Fair Friday 7th December 2018 Tracie Cotton From 4.00pm
Ladies Night Feb/March 2019 - TBC Joanne Clarke Evening
 Jim Jam Jog 4th April 2019  Laura James From 8.30am
Summer Ball May/June 2019 - TBC Joanne Wilkinson Evening
Y6 Leavers' Party 5th July 2019 Vicky Watson Evening
Summer Fair 13th July 2019 Siobhan Bunstone Afternoon